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Economic Justice

  • Supports offering financial and economic literacy geared towards upcoming generations, low-income families, and Black and Brown individuals. 

    • Ex: How money really works, investing (cryptocurrency, stocks, bonds, metals, NFTs, foreign exchange), credit, and economics. 

  • Supports the fight for $15

  • Supports the passage of a resolution calling for the Governor to declare a Housing State of Emergency 

  • Supports a longer eviction notice (60 days) for pregnant tenants and those with children

  • Supports offering incentives to property owners who designate a percentage of units to affordable housing.

  • Supports addressing income disparities within communities with other community-building approaches, such as living wages and workforce retention programs. 

Education Reform

  •  4 for 4 Program

    • 4 years of schooling paid in exchange for 4 years of service 

    • Those who serve/work in government, medicine, or the public qualify.

  • Supports an increase in educator’s salaries​​

  • Opposes the arming of teachers

  • Opposes unwarranted politicization of classrooms and attacks on educators

  • Overhaul the curriculum being taught in schools 

    • Place importance on financial literacy, trade/vocational schools, accurate and well-rounded history, & basic life skills.

    • Design and implement a national history curriculum

  • Supports reducing unnecessary barriers to entry for veteran teachers moving from other districts by offering salaries commensurate with experience so that veteran teachers who want to transfer into the district do not lose salary credit.​

Criminal Justice

  • Supports a rehabilitative system rather than a retributive system

  • Supports addressing policing issues

  • Supports non-violent offenders being rehabilitated rather than punished

  • Supports more community-based sentences

  • Supports reallocating funds within the system

  • Supports not imprisoning individuals for court fees or fines.

  • Supports releasing petty/misdemeanor drug offenders

  • Supports diversifying individuals within legal careers


  • Supports maintaining greenspace, conserving water, and preserving wildlife habitat

  • Supports protecting domestic food production and Florida’s natural resources

  • Supports protecting farmlands 

  • Supports sales tax exemptions

  • Supports protecting our domestic food supply

  • Supports a clear path to legal status for our undocumented frontline workers 


  • Supports a clear pathway to legal status for our undocumented frontline workers 

  • Supports safe working environments for undocumented workers

  • Condemns the harsh treatment, tearing apart of families, and dehumanization of undocumented individuals 


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